Austin: SXSW 2010

allo darlin' again.
Her jumper buttons are white hearts!


brightsunday said...

soko!!!!!!!!!!! i forgot about her! she's absolutely ADORABLE. you should write a blog about your experience at sxsw and other shows. i think that would be interesting :)

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

Great photos!

Kristina Marie said...

aw yes Soko was lovely! Alas she didn't sing any of her songs I've heard/seen on youtube. aw it was a great time, but so tiring. Last year was exciting too and strangely less tiring haha. My friend's band who were the "big buzz band" last year stayed with me, along with my roommates friends, which was fun and madness to come home to..which is probably why I didn't go out as much last year.