NYC: Pop Fest Style Spotlight

band: The Pains of Being Pure At Heart

shoe close up (the green belong to singer, Kip).

one stylish lady indeed!

NYC: Pop Fest 2008!

June 12-15.
I thought this look was very The Bird and the Bee-esque.
Erika! (audience member for the night)
band: Au Revoir Simone
This is how to wear a bow tie my friends.
band: Mahogany
band (from Finland) : Cats on Fire

band: The Ladybug Transistor

NYC: 6-12-08

NYC: 6-9-08

This is the perfect summer in the city look, very hip, but still weather conscious. It's probably one of my favorites, I really like the contrasting pink and grey in thier look.

NYC: 6-6-08

Sometime there are people who are in a hurry or I take too long to decide whether to stop them, but then there people where I just know...
I must stop this person and take thier picture.

Best suit ever.

So far, Union Square is definitely the place to encounter a ton of wonderful street style.

New York City: Upcoming

I'm going to be taking a break from Texas street style for a while because I am now in NYC!
Expect more posts in these next 2 months.